A practical guide to owning your first home.

A practical guide to owning your first home. We made it simple !

Buying a house is the largest investment for most of Canadians. It's a stressful event for first time homebuyers who don't know much about real estate transactions. There's lots of money at stake when you buy or sell a home, and if you make a false step it may harm you for many years.

Learn how to make your home ownership a rewarding and satisfying experience. The better your knowledge the better decisions you can make.

A guide for first-time home buyers


Mortgage Types Explained

A good mortgage will reflect your ability to pay it back. Knowing your options helps to decide what financing is the best for your, and will make you a better negotiator.

Calculate Your Amount

Find out how much money you can borrow. If you use the same method as banks, you can easily compute what you actually qualify for.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Home financing pre-approvals are only conditional. It's a mistake to assume that the lender will always give you all the money up to a pre-approved limit.

Mortgage Protection

You may have to buy mortgage insurance protecting your lender. Life insurance may be more beneficial to you than mortgage life insurance for your own protection.


Compare Lending Offers

If you don't shop around for mortgage you may pay more interest than necessary. How to look for a lender and negotiate the best home financing. Why to hire a mortgage broker.

Pay Off Mortgage Early

It's possible to get rid of a mortgage faster with a little extra cost. Simple adjustments to a repayment strategy can make it happen and save you a lot of money.

House Closing Costs

The list of closing expenses is painfully long. You need more than a down payment to buy a house. Otherwise, you may be short of money and fail to close.

For Rent By Owner In

Tenants in a house will help you with mortgage payments, but landlords have many obligations. Rental mistakes can have costly or even devastating consequences.


Should I Buy New Or Resale

If you understand which factors are the most important to you, making a choice becomes easier. How to buy a house from a builder.

How To Buy A Condo

If you like convenience and living in an urban core a condo might be right for you. But there are many tricky issues to cope with on your way to own condominium.

Housing Co-Ops Are Different

Cooperatives offer opportunities many buyers don't know about. If you can afford a big down payment you may find a bargain others can only dream of.

Looking For A House

Looking for a new home with the help of an agent is your best option. Nevertheless, you'll increase your chances of finding a dream house with your own search.


Find A Good Agent

Not all agents are equal. Some resort to bending the truth about themselves to get your business. Learn how you can reveal if an agent isn't lying to you.

Hidden Title Defects

How to protect yourself against latent title defects no one knew about. There're two ways to deal with them. Consult with a lawyer which option is more beneficial to you.

Why You Need A Lawyer

Property trades are complex and risky. It is much easier to deal with a lawyer and get the most out of your deal if you know what real estate lawyers actually do.

Get Home Inspection

Home inspections are only visual. They may not disclose some underlying defects. But it's possible to have an inspector who can see what's behind the walls.


Agreement Of Purchase

Key factors to consider before making a winning offer. How to negotiate the best price and terms of sale. Steps leading to a firm agreement and closing a deal.

Home Insurance Essentials

How to choose coverage and lower premiums. Handle all claims with caution. If the insurance company drops you, your cost will rise dramatically.

New Home Warranty Is Limited

Your coverage for a new home doesn't provide a blanket protection. There are many restrictions and conditions. If you overlook them, you may forfeit your claim.

Closing And Moving In

Unfortunately, after you close your transaction you're not done yet. There's one more huge cost to absorb. A smooth moving to a new house is no easy undertaking.


When To Buy Or Sell First

Housing market fluctuates up and down periodically, and you have to adjust your home buying and selling strategy to current market conditions.

Listing A House with An Agent

You must sign a listing agreement to sell a house with an agent. All terms are negotiable, and you should ask for a wide range of services.

Private Sale Is Challenging

Selling on your own can save you money but you have to work for it. FSBO is contingent on your commitment to be your own agent. Not everyone is up to it.

Home Value Improvements

How to make your house worth more. Understanding the contracting process and your financing alternatives is crucial to getting desired results.


Better Business Bureau Services

When you need a contractor or a moving company do not rely on luck. Better Business Bureau comes to your aid and helps reduce the risk of making a poor choice.

A Good Credit Score Pays Off

Improve your credit score to reduce the cost of buying a house. A lower score makes it more difficult to obtain a financing, and you'll have to spend more on interest.

Home Sales Statistics

A snapshot of the housing market from The Canadian Real Estate Association


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